Food Writings

A farm in South Georgia peanut country tries its hand at olive oil. (Link)

An ode to cast-iron cooking – winner of the James Beard Foundation award for food writing.  (PDF Link)

A day in the life of Waffle House, the 24-hour chain that attracts eccentricity like hash browns attract forks. (PDF Link)

Saving Willie Mae's: How a group of fried chicken lovers rebuilt a New Orleans restaurant after Hurricane Katrina. (PDF Link)

Political pork: What happens when one small town has two barbecue joints that can't see eye to eye? (PDF Link)

The bittersweet tale of an eating disability that threatened one family's holiday traditions. (PDF Link)

Red hot: A night with the Tamale Man of Clarksdale, Mississippi. (PDF Link)

Undercover dishwasher: Working the scullery with the dining industry's forgotten people. (PDF Link)